On this episode of Victory Groove, we are joined by David Dearie, creator of the Lead On Podcast and President of the Enlisted Leadership Foundation. David speaks on leveraging faith in traumatic experiences, modeling leadership after Christ, and much more!

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Lessons explored in this episode/or what the listener can take away:  

  • Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Relational Leadership. 
  • Knowing God is involved smooths our life’s journey.  
  • Roots and rocks will always appear in our daily walk. 
  • Our faith, trust in His benevolence, and love help us move confidently forward in life.  

David Dearie, (Command Master Chief, U.S. Navy, retired), is a prominent civilian leader with a broad background in leadership, military family, and nonprofit relationships. His thirst for leadership education and networking has positively impacted the military community and led to the creation of the Enlisted Leadership Foundation, a San Diego-based nonprofit whose vision is to develop future military, community, and national leaders.

A native of Carlsbad, CA., Dearie retired from the Navy in 2015 after more than 30 years of service. Through the years he was promoted from Radioman Seaman to the rank and position of Region Command Master Chief. In his career, he served on nine ships, five shore commands, and overseas in Japan and Hawaii. At the time of his transition, he was noted as one of the Navy’s experts on military and family programs and leadership education.

While in the Navy Dearie’s efforts led to successful western pacific deployments touching over 15 countries. Provided insight and program growth across a region with ten active-duty installations. Ensured program sustainability during a financially challenging time of sequestration and continuing resolution. Partnered with local community leaders on transition program development. Introduced military members and families to dozens of military-focused nonprofit resources.

Dr. Eli Jones is a Professor of Marketing, Lowry and Peggy Mays Eminent Scholar, and former Dean of Mays Business School at his alma mater, Texas A&M University. Barely out of their teenage years, he and his wife, Fern, married and overcame what seemed to be insurmountable challenges as they rose from poverty to positions of influence. Jones, a first-generation college graduate, went from being a radio DJ to a corporate executive to dean of three flagship business schools. 

Fighting with Faith to overcome adversity.  Running Toward Your Goliaths.