You can find your copy of “Run Toward Your Goliaths” here:

Sometimes the path to our calling takes many turns. Dr. Eli Jones shares his story in his new book Run Toward your Goliaths. Despite being a first-generation college student, Eli’s childhood was full of first-rate learning experiences! His parents were entrepreneurial, and his dad’s work truck was often a classroom for Eli. After graduating college, Eli took several unexpected career turns. Still, eventually, he ended up back in school to get his Ph.D., where Eli indeed found his calling as a teacher and writer!

Eli’s unchanging life mission has been to transform lives, and through teaching principles that come from the Bible – he is able to do just that. Higher education is fertile soil for connecting faith to learning. At Texas A&M, there are so many ways to visibly carry that out through the Christian Faculty Network and Breakaway ministry happening on campus, where Eli is deeply involved.

Fighting with Faith to overcome adversity.  Running Toward Your Goliaths.