Making Differences Work

A New Values Based, Culture Driven, People Centric Approach to Achieving Commonality, Equality, Cohesion and Business Performance

Imagine a work environment where every person is appreciated and feels a great sense of belonging. In their new book, Insperity CEO Paul Sarvadi alongside co-author Dr. Eli Jones, Texas A&M University professor and Insperity Board Member, introduce a new approach on how a strong workplace culture can improve business outcomes, create dynamic employee engagement and cultivate unity within teams and across organizations.

Paul and Eli bring their vast professional and personal experiences together to offer a comprehensive methodology for developing a company culture that produces extraordinary results. The concept of Commonality, Equality and Cohesion builds on the original unifying objectives of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and provides a blueprint for leaders grappling with the challenges of creating a cohesive and inclusive work environment.

With the insights, strategies and research shared in this book, Paul and Eli aim to empower leaders to harness the strength that emerges from a unified workforce and drive business results.

Making Differences Work will be available for purchase in early 2024.